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Tony, Jr and his associate did an excellent job on the replacement of the battery to the gate operator motor he/they lubed the entire chain and also cleaned off the plastic motor housing! Efficiency and knowledgeable apply here in spades! Carl Shelton - Homeowner - Sunnyvale
Securetech hit a \"Home Run\" ! The iron fence with automated gate installation was swift,clean and professional.The crew worked with pride in each phase of construction.My highest recommendation--
Home owner- Willow Glen
Securetech recently installed as gate for pool access at our clubhouse. The work was excellent, they were on-time, everything complete and exceeded our expectations.
Jackson Oaks Homeowners Association
Your crew did an excellent job! Great clean-up too.
C3 Tech
Operations Control Manager
We at Vier Creative take pride in producing high quality work for every client in a timely manner. As operations manager and working with many different types of clients, I can honestly say that nothing is more refreshing than working with another company that holds itself to the same standards as our own. They make every effort to find a suitable solution for their clients without overlooking anything. It was a pleasure to work with them.
Vier Creative
Director of Sales and Operations
I do appreciate the prompt service that your company did for us knowing our schedule and timeline. Your crew was helpful with key information that contributed to a better end product.
Seagate Technology
Sr. Project Mgr.
Viewing 31 - 36 of 36